Tiens Fizzy, Flexi

Perfect Eyes, Active Life and Full Energy with 3 new TIENS, advanced and indispensable in our busy life food supplements

TIENS Vision. Bilberry and Goji Berries Extract

Protects eyes, improves eyesight, relieves from eyes discomfort and prevents age-related eyesight changes. Recommended for all those who use computers, watch TV, read a lot, suffer from eye redness and fatigue. Helps to maintain normal vision and protect your eyes day by day.

TIENS Flexi - Glucosamine and Agaricus Extract

Helps to maintain or regain flexibility of the joints. Keeps you active and stiffness free at any age. Recommended for those who experience joints conditions, do sports regularly or work hard manually and need extra protection for their joints.

TIENS Fizzy - Triple Magnesium with Basil Extract

A unique combination of magnesium and natural components helps to reduce fatigue, gives energy and supports nervous system. Food supplement recommended for those who are exposed to stress, drink coffee, tea and lead active, exhausting life style.